Do you have long-term strategic sales experience breaking new ground with complex business? Are you driven by the opportunity to create a lasting footprint and expand our business worldwide promoting a top notch technology?

Our team at Global Warning System gives organizations and individuals effective new tools to stay safe and healthy when stationed or travelling abroad. We are planning a listing at First North in October.

As our new Global Sales and Marketing Manager you will establish partnerships in Telecom (will be a focus), Travel, Security and Insurance and help them package, sell and provide the GWS services with the partners products and services providing their customers with GWS designed safety tools and safety information.
We have a strategic partnership with the world’s largest private security provider, G4S, and intend to expand this area.

Our office in situated in Ideon, Lund, Sweden where you will spend about two days a week working closely with our CEO and Service Operations Officer. The rest will be on the road building customer relations and global business.

You’ll find commitment, enthusiasm and quality in everything we do. As our Global Sales and Marketing Manager you will receive a leading role where you directly impact our business. Take the opportunity to be part of a successful fast growing entrepreneurial company in Lund just starting a global journey.

For further information about the job, don’t hesitate to contact our recruitment partner Insikta AB Charlotte Olsson, at +4670-6021911

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